About Me

I’ve been taking pictures ever since my Dad bought be a polaroid camera for Christmas when I was 11, annoying everyone with pictures and using up expensive film very quickly. Fast forward to studying Media Production at Lincoln University where I majored in photography and TV. I went off to work in entertainment TV and the moved over to marketing and am now where you find me now with my own business just starting to grow. I love animals and if you want to incorporate and animals in your shoots I am a big fan of that. I live in North Devon with easy access to the M5 which means I can get pretty much anywhere pretty easily and it is just beautiful where I live. Home is a lovely little house in a gorgeous seaside village where I live with my boyfriend and our rescue animals, I can bore you with lots of stories of them all! 

I like to think of my work as being images that capture the feeling of the day, the bits that you miss when you are travelling through the whirlwind of your big day. I’m all about the sneaky shots, those quick stolen glances at each other as you share that ‘wow we’ve done it moment’, the little look as your loved ones can no longer hold back the tears of joy and that moment of contemplation as you take the step in to the next phase of your life.

Couples have booked me (and I quote) because they wanted someone who they can hang out with all day, which I take as a very lovely compliment! From my testimonials you can see I’m pretty relaxed and I truly believe that the images that make the prints for the lounge, the Facebook profile pics and those that you treasure are the ones where you are completely at ease, so I do my best to help you feel like that. Well it can be a little daunting having a camera around you all day can’t it!

Trying to wrangle group shots and getting the ones you want in the images you want can be a handful, but I always try to ensure that the guests are having as much fun having their photos as you are. The most important part of the day is you and your guests and I’m just there to capture the magic.